Case Studies


Welcome to our case studies section where you can access a variety ofdocuments that showcase real-world scenarios and solutions. Our collection includes diverse industries and topics, providing valuable insights for entrepreneurs, students, and professionals alike. These case studies are available for download, allowing you to learn at your own pace and convenience. By examining the successes and challenges faced by our clients and how we helped them, you can gain practical knowledge and strategies to apply to your own endeavors. We hope you find these case studies informative and useful.

Case Study




Software Development Optimisation

This case study showcases a software process transformation initiative that aimed to reduce costs and improve efficiency in software development for a major telecommunications provider. The initiative involved a comprehensive review of the development process and resulted in significant improvements, including reduced costs, improved project predictability, and increased team motivation.


Software Threat Analysis

In this case study, a pharmaceutical company engaged a cybersecurity team to evaluate their cybersecurity posture and identify vulnerabilities. The review identified 102 vulnerabilities, with a remediation proposal that included implementing a patch management process, upgrading software, and providing security awareness training. The engagement emphasises the importance of a proactive approach to cybersecurity to safeguard business operations.


Operations Optimisation

In this case study, our IT management consultancy helped a non-profit museum to achieve significant efficiency gains and cost savings by optimising their IT infrastructure, processes, and resourcing model. Our tailored solutions included upgrading the infrastructure, automating processes, and optimising resources, resulting in a 35% increase in operational efficiency and a 25% reduction in IT costs. The engagement highlights the value of a comprehensive review and optimisation strategy for IT operations.


Business Strategy Redesign

This case study highlights how our business management consultancy guided a leading organisation through a strategic reset of its business approach, resulting in significant improvements in product sales, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance. Our recommended solutions included product redesign, a new client engagement model, and ongoing training for senior managers, incorporating Willingness to Pay (WTP) and Willingness to Sell (WTS) principles.


Coaching & Mentoring

We provided coaching and mentoring to two project/portfolio managers within a Formula One racing team to improve their project management skills, optimise team performance, and establish a PMO. Our approach included personalised coaching, guidance on effective communication and collaboration, and the use of our proprietary tools and templates, resulting in a 40% increase in project delivery success rate and improved communication and coordination.


Data Privacy

This case study demonstrates our consultancy’s successful guidance in helping a client achieve SOC 2 Type 1 approval within three months on their first attempt by conducting a comprehensive review of their data vulnerability, IT processes, data governance, and management. This achievement not only bolstered the organisation’s reputation but also enabled them to secure third-party funding and acquire their first new client, highlighting the value of our consultancy’s expertise.


IT Ops Service Review

This case study shows how a client achieved over 20% cost savings by conducting an IT operations review, service optimisation, and supplier management. The approach involved analysing infrastructure and systems, streamlining processes, and fostering strategic supplier relationships. Initiatives included consolidating IT systems, upgrading technology, and implementing a supplier performance evaluation process. The cost savings  enabled the client to reinvest in innovative solutions and expand its service offering.


IT Server Consolidation

This case study explains how we helped a mid-sized US manufacturing enterprise improve efficiency and reduce costs by conducting a comprehensive review of their physical and cloud-based servers. The client implemented a server consolidation strategy, decommissioned redundant or outdated servers, replaced ageing hardware with modern, energy-efficient servers, and transitioned some cloud-based resources back to on-premises physical devices. These changes led to significant cost savings, enhanced system performance, scalability, and security.


Service Management Optimisation

This case study describes how an Irish consultancy improved its service delivery management with our external, third-party consulting work. The approach involved conducting comprehensive service reviews, mentoring delivery managers, rebuilding client relationships, implementing an improved service review process, and enhancing communication. As a result, the client achieved enhanced client satisfaction, more efficient service delivery processes, and stronger client relationships. The delivery managers also benefited from the mentoring and coaching. This case study highlights the value of engaging external consultants to assess and improve service delivery management.


Digital Transformation in Financial Services

This case study showcases our consultancy’s successful engagement with a London and Dubai-based bank in streamlining the new client onboarding process. The approach involved conducting an end-to-end process review, identifying bottlenecks, unnecessary review points, and process-aligned waiting times, implementing automation and technology solutions for notifications and client KYC reviews, and adopting an exception handling and alerting process. As a result, the average new client onboarding time was reduced from 14 days to 2 days, significantly improving customer satisfaction and facilitating business growth