Project Management


NewEdg is a project management and project portfolio management firm that partners with our clients to ensure that all  important projects are planned, controlled and delivered successfully. Our most valuable assets are our consultants, methodologies, technologies, and tools. We use our experienced assets to give our clients a competitive advantage in executing their time-sensitive projects and they follow our proven methodology to facilitate project teams in creating and maintaining credible plans. Our technology and tools automates cumbersome project management functions which keeps our cost down and allows client team members to stay engaged without creating an undue burden on their productivity.


For each project NewEdj partners with, we provide a custom team of consultants. You can learn more about each role below.


Based on the needs of the project  we will assemble a custom team with the level of experience and size that your project requires.

The Benefit of Experienced Project Management

Immediate Transparency
You benefit from immediate insight into whether the expected finish date of the project is achievable.


Gain Buy-In and Commitment
You will have a project plan that is based on team member buy-in and commitment, two major essential elements of successful projects.


A Trustworthy Plan

You will have accurate and complete schedules for making informed business decisions.


Insight into Progress
You will see if the team is making progress each week and achieving those positive gains that ensures the expected finish date remains doable.

Early Warning

You will have an early warning system that alerts you when the team’s progress is slowing to a point that requires corrective actions in order to avoid delays in the future.


Aligned Execution
You will have a weekly control process that provides the structure to keep the schedule current and the discipline to keep team members engaged and accountable.