Coaching Mentoring


Our coaching and mentoring team is led by Rachael Evans MA, FCMI.

Rachael has over 20 years of coaching and mentoring experience having worked closely with the leadership team of some of the worlds best known international banks, software companies, a Formula One racing team, games designers, food manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, the list goes on. She brings to her mentees a wealth of experience and draws extensively from her career own as a ‘C Suite’ executive in international finance and technology and the learnings. Rachael has supported an extensive list of current industry leaders that she has helped to develop and grow from career commencement to CEO.

Coaching is one of the key approaches through which leadership in organisations can be developed. It’s a method of deploying techniques embedded in artful questioning and appreciative inquiry to help leaders unlock their full potential to achieve personal and professional success.



Amidst the typical characteristics of ambiguity and uncertainty in the leadership space, coaching can achieve clarity and direction.


Whether as a one-to-one focused and bespoke relationship or within a group context, coaching is often perceived as the single most effective development intervention that a senior leader can access.




Mentoring is very different to coaching in terms of intent; support and guidance of a mentee is often led by one more experienced and skilled professional mentors, to support and expand the professional leadership development of the former through the effective transference of knowledge, skill and experience.  It can lead to enhanced innovation and performance within organisations, fuelled by reflective practice, shared learning and improved ownership for solution focused thinking. The emphasis is on developing the leadership expertise of the mentee in a work context, with the process of mentoring encouraging independence, autonomy and self-development. Mentoring arrangements can often deliver improvements in an individual’s performance that lead to enhanced leadership maturity.