The Team


Meet the Team!

Rachael Evans MA, FCMI

President (UK & Europe Based)

Rachael Evans MA, FCMI

Rachael, a co-founder of our company, specialises in business strategy, coaching, mentoring, and transformation. With a background in investment banking, she was the COO of Bank of London Middle East and she has advised leading institutions such as HSBC, Credit Suisse, Bank of America, and UBS on transformation and strategy. Earlier in her career, Rachael worked for Microsoft as a Senior Manager for the Xbox. Rachael holds multiple postgraduates including as the first non-Muslim, non-Arabic speaker to achieve a research masters in Islamic Finance and regulatory compliance. Rachael is a Fellow at the Chartered Management Institute where she continues to contribute her expertise to the management field and she is currently researching for her Doctorate in product strategy and design stability.

Krysten Bacan

Meet Krysten, our technology executive and co-founder of NewEdj, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Throughout her career, she has excelled in technology integration, resource management, and strategic planning. As a CTO/CIO mentor, Krysten has had the privilege of guiding multiple companies through periods of growth and transformation. She has also provided her expertise and leadership in interim roles during times of organizational change. Krysten is a recognized thought leader in her field, and she takes pride in her ability to optimize costs and select and review the best and most appropriate MSPs for her clients.


Krysten was the original founder of Biz-Edge and has worked with many of our clients for over 10 years and is nowadays considered a friend as much as a business advisor.

Krysten Bacan

President (US Based)

PJ Carmack

Technical Lead/ Architect

(US Based)

PJ Carmack

PJ is a leader in BizEdge support efforts. His mission in IT is to provide a friendly, conversational, non-judgmental support experience to rid customers of the poor encounters they’ve come to expect with typical IT support. He has 10 years of IT experience supporting a variety of industries including education, healthcare, law, and industrial automation. As a senior support engineer, PJ works hard to integrate himself into customer environments, and takes pride in making himself a part of your team, not just another visiting IT contractor. Whether you are looking for day-to-day technical support, project planning, technology budget organization, or industry specific line of business application support, PJ has experience in analyzing and supporting technological workflows and making them as efficient as possible.

Sarah-Louise Todd


Sarah-Louise has extensive customer management experience having worked in service delivery throughout her career. In her role Sarah-Louise works closely with our clients typically within the operations teams helping to oversee and help integrate the client needs into the goals, activities, and deliverables that drive the Biz-Edge engagement model.


Sarah-Louise takes the role of Team-Mom working closely with each member of the team to help ensure that client needs, current issues, and operational challenges are loudly heard by all so that Biz-Edge takes a proactive stance in helping to proactively identify the right solutions and, at times, to inform the client before they are even aware, that they require intervention.

Sarah-Lousie Todd

Client Liaison & QA Manager

(UK Based)

Patty Taylor

Service Delivery (US Based)

Patty Taylor

My name is Patty Taylor I have worked for Biz-Edge since 2018 and I am currently the Service Desk Manager/Engineer. I’ve been in IT for 30 years. I live in Akron, Ohio and my passion is technology. I have one son and he has blessed me with three grandsons. I have a business degree and many certifications in the IT environment.


A couple of things that I am most proud of is; helping a local church setup a computer lab for adults to teach them how to use computers and smart phones. Since the pandemic we have also added how to use Zoom and Telehealth. I also helped put together a Disaster Recovery site for a small business which came in handy when their headquarters experienced sever water damage.

Cormac Cullinan

Cormac is a Project / Program director with a strong background in the delivery of complex, technical and non-technical projects, in diverse, fast paced environments across various blue-chip organizations, countries and industries.  As a Program Manager and Six Sigma Black Belt, he has delivered programs to support Business Strategy, Digital Transformation, Technology ERP & Implementation and People Transformation.

Cormac has lived and worked internationally, (USA, UK and the Caribbean) but his heart was always in Ireland where he lives with his family, dogs and horses.  He is a true-blue Rugby fan, spending many years as an official Referee.

Cormac Cullinan

Head of Projects

(Ireland Based)